Mongolian accreditation system (MNAS) was initially established in 1994 following the enactment of the Law on Standardization and Quality Certification. However, laboratory accreditation started from 1995. Since then, accreditation activities has been extending in fields of testing, calibration and medical laboratories, product and management system certification bodies and inspection bodies.

The first testing laboratories to get accredited by MNAS were Central geological laboratory (1995), factory laboratory of Gobi Company (1995).The first product certification bodies to get accredited by MNAS were “Barilga Architecture” corporation (1997) in the field of construction materials and Department of medicine quality control (1997).

Mongolian Law on Standardization and Conformity Assessment has been enacted in 2003. Accreditation and conformity assessment purpose, types and principles are stated in the 3rd chapter of the law. Following the enactment, the MNAS started operating under the general requirements and standards of International Standardization Organization In June of 2012 the MNAS has become a signatory to the APLAC and ILAC Mutual Recognition Agreements in field of accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories.

The MNAS has accredited about 150 conformity assessment bodies and many of them are accredited for the first time in the last 5 years. 70 percent of the accredited conformity assessment bodies are dealing testing laboratories.

Large entities such as “Erdenet uildver” LLC, “Darkhany tumurlugyn uildver” SOE have industrial measurement departments. Therefore, around 20 laboratories were accredited in the measurement instrument calibration field.

Since the cooperation plan with the Ministry of Health has been approved in 2014, accreditation activities of medical laboratories are being carried out in stages.

According to the government resolution №196, issued on 30.05.2013, MNAS is working to apply to the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) as a member.

Industrial and services organizations are actively working on getting their products or services recognized on regional or international level by implementing various management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP. Therefore competent accredited product/management system/personnel certification bodies’ support is vital.



Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology. 2017