Metrology operating license and its extension of technology procedure


1. The legal basis for Metrological operating license:

   Business Licensing Law,

   Metrology act;

   Trade and Industry Minister command: List of measuring instrument installation license.

2. Of license agreements and the legal grounds for payment of stamp duty payment:

  - "Law of the relevant instrument manufacture, installation, maintenance and licensing the sale of 200000-500000 amounted to stamp duty.

  - The client shall be responsible for all costs associated with issuing license metrology.

  - The business activities of the lifetime license law will for the first time 3 years. Metrology license rights, is between the contracted parties.

3. Measurement of the license type:

    according to the Metrology Act:

     - Trade and services revenues;

     - Human and veterinary diagnostic, treatment and diagnosis;

     - Environmental protection;

     - State shall guarantee protection and security of supply in the use of measuring instruments manufacturing, installation, maintenance, sale and service of business permits and organizations.

4. License pose special document form.

    applications and forms for a license /download the attachment “Хавсралт”, press /;

5. Enterprises, decided to study in detail the problem within 21 working days of receipt of the full set of documents and applications for organizations.

    List of metrological service license enterprises

    Measuring instrument manufacturing, maintenance, installation and sale of the licensing process Procedure

Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology. 2017