Mongolian to a market economy and measurement of social relations are governed by the law of the state to ensure measurement integrity and basic operations to ensure measurement accuracy and integrity of form is a test instrument.

The instrument is a test of the legal basis of Article 8 of ensuring measurement integrity and legal center measurement of Mongolian organizations -Standardization and Metrology Department's approved by Order No. 335 2009 "instrument testing and approvell procedure."

According to the law Metrology, the state controls production of measuring instruments used in the scope of inspection or import supply companies, organizations and supply imported citizens of the instrument, verified received measurement furnishing of central institutions experiment with the appropriate normative-technical and operational documents.

Test instrument design and approve the organization's name: Monglian agency for Standardization and Metrology.

Officer: Agency for Standardization and Metrology, metrology policies and standards J.Sairan senior officer.

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