Since the establishment in 1923 under the name of the Bureau of Weights and Measures the Government regulatory agency for Standardization and Metrology has a history of 93 years, was expanding in 9 departments; standardization and technical regulation, metrology standards, measurement instrument verification, accreditation, assay inspection, certification of product and system, monitoring and national center information and training6. The MASM has about 340 employees and it provides occupational and methodical management to the local branches about Standardization and Metrology in 20 provinces.

• 1923 - by Ministry of Finance was appointed 1 Metrology state inspector and 1 Measurement Instrument repair officer
• 1924 - approved “Rule for any measurement of Mongolia”
• 1924 – established “Weight and Measures division” by Ministry of Finance
• 1931 – established Commission on Measuring Instruments by Ministry of Industry
• 1944 - Law of Mongolian Weight and Measuring Instruments
• 1953 – Bureau of Price and Standards
• 1955 – Administration for Measures and Measuring instruments by Ministry of Finance
• 1956 – Administration for State control inspection by Ministry of Foreign Trade
• 1958 – State commission for standardization with 13 members
• 1959 – Administration for State standardization, measures and measurement instruments
• 1963 - Assay quality inspection by State Bank Committee
• 1970 – Division of assay inspection
• 1972 – State committee of Quality, Standards and Measures
• 1975 – State committee of Prices and Standards
• 1976 – Inspection center for State Qualitymeasuring
• 1983 – Department of State assay inspection
• 1988 - State Department of Standards
• 1990 – National Research Institute of Standardization
• 1992- Mongolian National Center for Standardization and Metrology
• 1994 – Law of Mongolian Standardization and Quality assurance and Law of Mongolian Ensuring Uniform Measures
• 1999 – Accreditation department by Mongolian National Center for Standardization and Metrology
• 2003 – Law of Mongolian Standardization and Conformity Assessment
• 2008 – Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology
• 2008- Department of State assay inspection by Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology


The Agency of Standardization and Metrology (MASM) is a regulatory agency of the Government of Mongolia having the following functions:

• Fully introduction the international system of units of measure in to Mongolia, raising the national etalon of units of measure to international levels;

• Providing a national accreditation system meeting foreign and international models;

• Modernizing standardization and metrology documents to meet foreign and international models, increasing the percentage of national standards made up of standards meeting international standards level;

• Developing and strengthening the assay testing system;

• Introducing contemporary advanced management work experience and practices, raising the knowledge and skills of the employees of state offices, increasing the capabilities of state bodies, providing state services, and raising their quality to international standards through standardization, certification, metrology, accreditation and assay testing for individuals and organizations;


Shall be supported with standardization, metrology, accreditation, certification and assay testing policies when ensuring national, social and economic security meeting the development strategies and tendencies of Mongolia, increasing exports and promoting national manufacturing.
Institutional strategic aims (results to be attended)

Strategic aim 1: Ensuring state administrative management and broadening foreign and domestic cooperation;

Strategic aim 2: Modernizing legislation to ensure uniformity of standardization, conformity assessment, and measures, planning policy and strategies, providing policy management, regulating its implementation, and reviewing its performance;

Strategic aim 3: Developing programs and projects of standardization and technical regulations, providing support to creating technical regulations on international models, judging the projects for these, and providing rules, regulations, guidelines, and directives in these directions;

Strategic aim 4: Ensuring the uniformity of measures in Mongolia by means of fully introducing the international system of units of measures to Mongolia, bringing the precision of the national etalon of units of measures to international levels, strengthening the etalon bases, and increasing the level and extent of measuring instrument certification;

Strategic aim 5: Developing and implementing accreditation policy, providing regulation, and gaining accreditation by an international accreditation body;

Strategic aim 6: Raising and promoting product, service, and system certification to international models;

Strategic aim 7: Modernizing the assay testing system, increasing the capacity of assay laboratories

Mongolian Agency for Standard and Metrology. 2017