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In an era when globalization is making mankind increasingly interdependent and united, standards are an essential tool of success for business organizations and manufacturers and serve as a major key to the introduction of high technology and new methods without regard to national borders.
We at the Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrology (MASM) work together with the standardization and metrology sector to provide support to hastening our nation’s social and economic development and developing national industry in conformity with Mongolian development strategies and trends with standardization, metrology, assay, accreditation and certification policies, and help our development consistently with international trends.
The Government of Mongolia declared the year 2016 as "Customer year". In this regard, our Agency set a goal under slogan “For high satisfaction” to improve our activities, to meet growing demand and needs of consumers and keep them satisfied. To create high customer satisfaction in manufacturing and services, to develop and improve export-oriented effective cooperation between Government and the private sector the government of Mongolia approved for the first time "National quality policy program". Organize the implementation and preparation of this is our major goals of this year.
To provide disciplined and responsible government service in the forefront of the field, MASM has successfully implemented “Quality Assurance System” ISO 9001:2008 (MNS ISO 2001:2010) and was certified by France Certification Body AFNOR. We passed the international auditing from the other Mongolian State Administrative Body as first and became the “ISO 9001 certification”. With proud we can say now MASM is a national design standard body, who successfully implemented and meet the requirements of the international management standards
As part work tasks modernization of standardization and metrology field and implement the reform policies was started with the support of the European Union the project “Support to Modernization of Mongolian Standardization System” which will help to adopt and harmonize the European standards and norms for Export of good to European market and to reform a quality infrastructure. Within the project were successfully organized 40 events for improving the legal environment of standardization, conformity assessment and inspections, to improve communication between government and private sector, to improve the capacity of human resources, reduce trade barriers and creating a favourable business environment.
Last year worked MASM with great significance to enhance cooperation with Standardization and Metrology organizations of neighboring countries Russia and China and reached a new stage of further cooperation. MASM has permanent membership in 6 international and 8 regional organizations in the standardization, accreditation, assay inspection, certification, and metrological sectors. Our work under multilateral and bilateral cooperation agreements with 21 organizations constitutes proof of our acknowledgement as an equal on the international level.

As your business proposals, requests, enquiries, suggestions, news, and information make a significant contribution to our operations as an institution of standardization and metrology—the keys to international development—we appreciate and give the highest consideration to your cooperation. The doors of MASM will always open to you.

CHAIRMAN                                            G.GANTUMUR

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